Cold Stone Creamery® Locations

Cold Stone Creamery - 20886

  • 420 Boardwalk Blvd
  • Bossier City, Louisiana 71111
  • 3187465055

Cold Stone Creamery - 21849

  • 7539 Corporate Blvd
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
  • 2254562069

Cold Stone Creamery - 21878

  • 1130 S Clearview Pkwy
  • Elmwood, Louisiana 70123
  • 5047365037

Cold Stone Creamery - 15087

  • 5601 Magazine Street
  • New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
  • 5048994260

Cold Stone Creamery - 15098

  • 300 Canal St
  • New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
  • 5048994260

Cold Stone Creamery - 15146

  • 411 N Carrollton Ave
  • New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
  • 5048994260

Cold Stone Creamery - 19152

  • 4517 Williams Blvd
  • Kenner, Louisiana 70065
  • 5045753800

Cold Stone Creamery - 23424

  • Old Abeokuta Road
  • Lagos, Louisiana

Cold Stone Creamery - 35144

  • 4201 Nelson Road
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana 70605
  • 3374803764

Cold Stone Creamery - 23808

  • 49, Block R1, Phase 2
  • Johar Town, Louisiana

Cold Stone Creamery - 23836

  • 11, Aromire Ave.
  • Ikeja, Louisiana

Cold Stone Creamery - 23838

  • 15, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase1
  • Lekki, Louisiana

Cold Stone Creamery - 23898

  • 86, Bode Thomas Rd.
  • Surulere, Louisiana

Cold Stone Creamery - 23837

  • Ologolo Vikkage, Lekke Epe Expressway
  • , Louisiana

Baton Rouge Families and Friends Enjoy Cold Stone Creamery Cakes and Desserts What’s a party without a cake? Cold Stone Creamery has a list of scrumptious cakes and desserts for you to choose from. Our cakes are layered with our premium ice cream, moist cake, and fresh mix-ins. Our desserts range from ice cream cookie sandwiches to ice cream cupcakes. So no matter what the event is, you’re sure to find a treat perfect for it. Choose from any one from of the following: Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes Take a Taste of Our Signature Cakes Made with high-quality ice cream and fluffy frosting or rich ganache, our Signature Cakes are classic goodness. Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or a cake batter fanatic, we have a cake you, your friends and family are going to love. Choose from a number of unique kinds, like: Cake Batter Confetti™,Midnight Delight®,Cookies & Creamery™ Themed Cakes for Baton Rouge Birthdays Kids love our Themed Cakes. Each cake is made with layers of sweet ice cream and moist cake, and covered in rich frosting or ganache, so how can you blame them? We also add cool themes to the design. Just tell us what your child’s favorite cartoon, superhero, or movie is and we’ll make it happen. Petite Cakes for Two You and your special someone are going to love our Petite Cakes. We make them with all the quality ingredients of our Signature Cakes, like our ice cream, moist cake, and fresh mix-ins. We just make them smaller, so the two of you can cuddle up on the couch and share it together. Did You Say Ice Cream Cupcakes?? That’s right; Cold Stone Creamery has delicious cupcakes filled with ice cream. We put them inside a rich cup of Belgian chocolate and top them with a twirling twist of sweet frosting. Choose from any one of our sweet cupcakes, like: Sweetest Cream™ Cupcakes,Double Chocolate Devotion™ Cupcakes,Cake Batter™ Delux Cupcakes